– Fun Tools for Storytelling

I’m a faithful user, but no one should ignore the unique records and fantastic features at I was playing around the other day and discovered some nice apps I will be using in the future to tell my family stories. The features require you to create a family tree on the site which may take a little time. Bonus: all are free!

The biggest win for each of these is the visual representations of your family stories. Maybe you’ve noticed that not every relative shares your passion for genealogy. [Insert heavy sarcasm.] Most are interested a little though and will appreciate a visual that consolidates large amounts of data.

I’m going to highlight a few here, but you can many more on the App Gallery.

First is Rootsmapper. It’s goal is to allow users “to easily visualize the migration patterns of your ancestors.” Rootsmapper provides a world map and access to your pedigree chart to create a graphic of an ancestors immigration from one place (country or state) or another using map pins and arrows. Their YouTube video is here.

Next is StoryPress. It’s goal is to help you create a video of your own family stories using multiple media inputs including photos, videos, audio narration and graphics. You’re going to have to put your own time and creativity into this one, though. Here’s their YouTube video. Again, this a great resource for sharing our family stories in audio/visual format.

Last is not on the App Gallery, and called Keepsakes. It utilizes your pedigree chart to create printable, artsy and fun representations of  your family tree. I’ve printed out a few to use as cover sheets in my family notebooks, but they’d be a cute gift if framed, as well.

Check out these and the other App Gallery utilities!

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