My Favorite Sites #1

There are genealogy websites in the vast interwebs that are not the big tree creation/databases like Ancestry or FamilySearch. Those are awesome and I use both daily. But, those don’t provide all that you’ll need. I have other favorites that I visit regularly. They are invaluable and I’m sharing.

The very FIRST I want to tell you about?

Map of US

Let’s change the metaphor and call in a family skelton. The bones of the skelton are names, dates and locations. And when it comes to places in the U.S., is the best. Easy to use. Easy to navigate. Easy to find answers.

Here’s why:

1. Is it possible that an ancestor lived, married and died in the exact same house but he was born in Virginia and died in Kentucky?

Yep. Check out the Virginia maps and click through the timelines. The state of Kentucky was founded in 1792. Pre-1792 all of that Kentucky bluegrass was Virginia’s.

2. Why would my family live in one county in Virginia for years, but their marriage records are in Ohio?

West Virginia was founded in 1863. Looking at the Virginia map, folks in the panhandle often went to the nearest courthouse to get married or file a land deed. That closest courthouse may have been in Ohio.

3. I can’t find the county that my relative’s records say that he lived!

Not only due map boundaries change for states, but localities as well. Some counties changed their name or were eliminated all together. has them all.

Check it out especially if you love maps. Bookmark it for later. You’ll need it.


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