My Favorites Site #2 – is a free family tree creation and research website. Many folks use it and it’s great. But FamilySearch has a hidden gem within its site — their Research Wiki.

Why do I love it? The website it self says it, “learn where to find record collections.”

“Whoa, slow down there Tex. Why are you excited about record collections,” you ask.

Their research wiki is a guidebook to finding the answer to your genealogical questions. Where was someone born? When did they marry? Did he serve in the military? On and on. Every question. Every state in the U.S. Every country around the world. Online. Libraries. Courthouses. Churches. Census. Probate. Land. Military. BMD. It’s an amazing amalgamation of information and it includes links to records outside of FamilySearch’s own holdings.

It’s generous. If their website doesn’t have it, the wiki may lead you to who does – another website, a courthouse, a local society.

The FamilySearch Research wiki is often at the top of my check lists. I use it daily to make sure I’m looking in all the right places.


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