NGS Conference – Day 1 #NGS2017GEN

Today was the start of the National Genealogical’s Society’s Annual Conference.

Good news or bad news first?

They are tricky things, conferences. So many moving parts! Not everything can be absolutely perfect. Such was the opening session. Technical difficulties, poor transitions from one speaker to the next, speakers who shouldn’t be speakers…  Sorry NGS, but it was a dud. Even the main speakers message (a worthy one!) was overshadowed by a video with sound problems. The video’s production was painfully amateurish. But, maybe my expectations were too high?

The in-house conference center food vendors closed up shop shortly after lunch. For those of us who need an afternoon caffeine hit, it was deadly. There were at least a half dozen others longingly looking for coffee for the few minutes I stood at the counter.

On the other hand. Volunteers are friendly and helpful.

The conference app is awesome, though I’ve had trouble uploading to multiple devices. I caulk that up to user error.

The conference location choice has been tricky, as it appears that there haven’t been enough hotels close to the conference center. Veteran attendees tell me that the hotels near the conference center sold out in minutes. My hotel is … maybe I’ll leave that review for TripAdvisor.

The exhibit hall was busy and crowded. A good thing! And attendees were polite and courteous. Genealogists are some of the nicest people that I know! So navigating the masses was about as easy as possible. Conference goal #2 failed before lunch. I’m not sad.

Speakers. Genealogy giants speak at this conference. I saw two of them today, and they delivered. Start to finish, they were top notch. Content, slides, delivery, humor, engagement: out of park! I did attend 3 sessions though. Great content and slides for the third, but the speaker’s dynamic, while professional and polished, was not approachable. I have a great deal of notes, and plan acting on the new ideas I’ve learned from all three speakers when I get back home.

There is a “pig pickin'” scheduled tonight that I won’t be attending. See my goals for the conference from my previous post. I’m quietly hanging out in my room with my sore feet up, and a glass of wine getting warm as I type. That’s my signal to end for now. Warm wine = bad.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Particularly the lunch session by LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson titled, “Condemnation of Memory: Recalling that African American Genealogy is American Genealogy.”


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