6 Stumpf Brothers: Edward

Edward was born 23 Aug 1860 in Wald-michelbach, Hesse, Germany. Edward is the only brother who appears to have some degree of higher education. He spent time at St Mary’s Institute and the Mainz Gymnasium near Mainz, Germany.

He arrived in Richmond about 1875. Like his brother, he works in the beer industry, starting out at a bar tender. By 1880 he owns his own saloon at the corner of 9th and Main Sts in the city.

On 12 Feb 1885, he married Bertha Fredericka (1861-1926), daughter of Julius Schumann and Fredericke Catherina Dick. They have 3 children together, born 2 years and 4 months apart. They were Edward Adam (b 1886), Julius Johannes (b 1887) and Marie Louise (b 1888). By Aug 1889, Edward, Sr, is on his way to back to Europe for a family visit.

In Jun 1908, Edward, his daughter, his son, Julius, his brother Joseph and one of Joseph’s daughters travel to Europe. On this trip, the senior Stumpfs meet with Mr. Adolphus Busch, the founder of Anheuser Busch.

In Dec 1910, Edward opens the Stumpf Hotel on the corner of 8th and Main Sts. It is a gentlemen’s hotel and ladies are only allowed in the restaurant. His wife, Bertha often cooks there.