Our Family Bio: Genealogical Services

Pedigree Charts:

  • Pedigree chart fees are based on two factors. How many generations are included in the research? The type of report desired.
  • 5 generations back in time would include reports on 31 direct ancestors. 6 generations includes 63 ancestors. 7 generation is 127 ancestors. The number of people researched directly impacts pricing.
  • Included in the report is a electronic file called a GEDCOM. Likewise, an or account may be created for you and turned over after research is completed.
  • Printed family heirloom-type reports are time and resource consuming. While these are great gifts for Winter holidays, Mother’s Day and Weddings, advance notice of several months is required. Pricing is dependent of the number of people in the report.

Research Projects:

  • Retainer includes 4 hours of research and initial research plan.
  • Initial research plan will include recommendations for further research.
  • Research expenses may include, but aren’t limited to mileage, parking, repository fees, copies, postage, certificate fees, travel expenses including transportation, hotels, and car rentals.

DNA Testing for Genealogy:

  • Two hour initial consultations
  • Testing kit management
  • Adoption/Unknown parent searches: per case basis
  • Note: These are consulting fees and do not include the costs of DNA tests.

Local Repositories include:

Library of Virginia; Virginia Historical Society; Richmond City, Chesterfield, Hanover, Powhatan, Amelia, and Henrico Counties Courthouses; Valentine Museum; local historical/genealogical societies.