Top 5 Ways to Recognize an NGS Conferencee #NGS2017GEN

I love people, dead or alive. People watching is even more fun. So, here are my observations on the recent NGS Conference in Raleigh. The top 5 ways to recognizing someone who attended:

  1. One shoulder is higher than the other. We walk a little lopsided, not because we’re injured or frail. It’s the books. One of a kinds or limited printings that aren’t digitized online. We love them and buy a lot of them. They’re heavy. Hence the lopsided.
  2. We’re a strange mix of history nuts and tech nerds. Give us a one-of-a-kind, handwritten in cursive, 100 year old document and we’re in heaven. For weeks, we’ll be in heaven. We also love new technologies and will pay any Hadoop programmer a $1M for quick DNA match scraping tool that auto-connects cousin matches with tree similarities. Can I get an “Amen?”
  3. We are forward-thinking. We love history, but we know better than most the mistakes of the past. We love historical research, but we don’t want to live there.
  4. We have heroes. I personally would love a t-shirt with Judy G. Russell’s face on it. Maybe an Andy Warhol-inspired head shot of her. I’d wear it to the library. I’d wear it to bed. I’d wear it to church.
  5. You can trust us. Promise. But… we love a good secret. Dog with a bone. Bloodhound on the scent. CNN on a Trump scandal. We’re better keeping the secrets and discovering them.

How do you recognize a genealogist?


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