Your Story is Worth Recording

Under my photo on this website, I wrote, “We all love a great story.” Then, “We all have a story to tell.” Most of us don’t consider our stories worth telling. We may not characterize our stories as dramatic, historically significant, uplifting, or tragic, so not worth telling. Rather we would tend to use less exhalted words like boring, mundane, unexceptional, or normal, so not worth knowing.

Is there something lovely about the boy who marries the girl next door, has a bunch of kids, works hard, and dies having lived a so-called “boring” life? There’s nothing “boring” about happiness, faithfulness, diligence, and love. It’s not even less dramatic.

A recent blog post over at, called “Define Your Dash” is a great guide to starting to record your personal history. They’ve created writing prompts for each week of the year. It’s a great start and an excellent way to begin.


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